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Professor of Educational Management & Supervision, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. Expert In Educational Research Methodology, Research Grant Proposal, Transformational Leadership, Online-instructor, Graduate Supervision & Mentoring and Active- Engaging Teaching/facilitation.

+234 803 505 0452
Professional Career

Dynamic Lecturer with 10 years of successful Educational Management, teaching, research, community service, graduate supervision & mentoring experience. Known for interesting lectures with helpful supporting materials and detail-oriented classroom management. Dedicated to individual student success and comprehensive understanding.

Multifaceted Lecturer with 10 years of expertise in adapting presentations to reach students of diverse backgrounds. Expert in leveraging in-depth knowledge and experience in Educational Management to provide relevant information and first-hand experiences. Known for great personable demeanor and strong work ethic.

Well-versed Educational Research Methodology expert with track record for consistently engaging students in stimulating and relevant material. Conscientious educator with learning objectives of each student in mind. Results-oriented, charismatic speech giver cognizant of test preparedness and student interest, adapting to feedback where necessary.

Modern Lecturer with extensive knowledge of integrating technology into classrooms for increased student interest. Expert in Educational Management with training in Zoom and YouTube and public speaking. Proven history of providing students with memorable and effective lectures.

Innovative Educational Management professor mindful of student engagement and interest who thrives on experiential learning. Time-tested designer of targeted lectures with audience in mind, devising most effective methods for helping participants acquire intended information. Creative thinker with flexibility to allow audience to guide direction of lectures and achieve most out of interdisciplinary education experience.

Organized University Lecturer providing 10 years of experience assisting senior professors and mentoring students in Educational Management. Intelligent and charismatic educator committed to helping students accomplish academic goals. Skilled at explaining material and concepts to address varied learning levels and modalities.

Results-oriented Lecturer proficient in developing course materials, including syllabi, lesson plans and exams. Offering 10-year background in delivering Educational Management lectures and classroom discussions. Excellent record of managing minimum teaching load of 138 credit hours per semester. Committed and engaging Lecturer bringing exceptional lecturing skills and expertise in Educational Management Gifted in engagement and guidance of students with 21 years in post-secondary education. Experienced lecturer with over 31 years of experience in education. Excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer satisfaction, and driving overall operational improvements. Consistently saved costs while increasing profits.

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