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Professor Melody Modebelu is a professor of Educational Management, with special research interest in human resources planning, administration and supervision of teaching and learning for efficiency and instructional delivery in higher and secondary education. Strategies of improving distance education and performance appraisal challenges and redress.

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Our Online Learning

It has been my passion to continously mentor and educate the younger generation and that is why we have created this YouTube channel packed with quality materials that with help you.


Online Resources

Book one

Foundations of Education in Nigeria: Basic Tool for Entrants

Book two

Challenges in Adolescent Moral and Sexuality Issues. Onitsha: Noah Publishing Company.

Book three

Introduction to Teaching Profession: Teacher Leader Skills Building Manual.

Book four

Educational Management: The Nigerian Perspective.

Book five

Foundations of Education in Nigeria: Basic Tool for Entrants. Awka: SCOA Heritage Publishers.

Book six

Fundamentals of Business Education: Skills building Approach.


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